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Achieving Greatness

For anyone who's trying to achieve greatness in their life, here are a few simple rules that have been helpful in my journey. I'm working on these things CONSTANTLY and am confident these rules will help you too!

Here goes...

* DREAM BIG. You MUST start with BIG dreams. Really BIG dreams. Visualize what you want to achieve and keep positive thinking as part of your M.O.

* DECIDE what your goals are and set an achievable action plan. If you cannot narrow this down to anything specific, then all you will find yourself doing are things that add up to vagueness and indecision.

* DO NOT let other people tell you what you want. Only YOU can decide that. People can only offer insight from their own life experiences and sometimes their advice wont work for you or your goals.

* UNDERSTAND that failure is an essential part of your SUCCESS. Keep the ego out of this equation, else you will end up bitter and angry for no reason other than you let yourself get that way.

* STAY AWAY from the leaches and vultures that sap your energy AND ultimately your success. Negative people can only drain you, whereas positive people recharge you and can help you!

* LEARN CONSTANTLY. If you do not strive to learn more, communicate better, and be the best you can be, then you are only wasting your time.

* ACHIEVE greatness everyday. You MUST wake up each morning and try your best. Everyday is a chance to become a better person.

* GET OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. Nobody did anything great by staying in a familiar, cozy routine.

* FIND others who have achieved greatness. Examine their success stories carefully. I think you will find some commonalities between these people and should be nothing short of inspiring.

* DO NOT GIVE UP! The moment you give up is the moment you instantly disabled yourself in achieving the greatness you are seeking.

What will YOU achieve in your life?